The Maine Home Buyer Says “I Do”, Then Stops Walking Down The Aisle To The Real Estate Closing.

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The Maine home buyers are in love with the property, the place fits their needs like two glass slippers.

But something happened after saying “I do”, signing the purchase and sale agreement. And along the way to the clear to close memo being circulated.

Time is one of the biggest factors. Like a patient with health problems, ice fishing in maine photoMaine home sales have ailments, aches and pains.

To not ignore.

To  address quickly  that crop up during the real estate operation.

What factors make the real estate in Maine home sale teeter and fail?

Found another place that the buyer likes better for less money is a real head turner sale derailer. The long list of have to fix, replace, correct this this and that hurts the attraction spell mesmerizing a Maine home buyer  that puts a place on layaway. A Maine home to go under contract and leaves the market temporarily. But may not stay there MIA long enough to clear the hurdles for a real estate closing.

The length and what’s on that list to cure for property problems, the associated costs is often a bone of contention.

The buyer may have no money, or motivation to apply the skills for what needs correcting. Thinks the seller should pick up the tab.

The seller of the Maine home could be strapped for cash. Thinks the same in reverse because he, she is selling “as is”. Which is not good enough to clear the Maine bank secondary mortgage market hurdles to wrap the package.

For syndication, sale on the open market to investors that want a piece of the 15, 20, 30 whatever length yearly mortgage amortization.

Here is a blog post on other issues the Maine home buyers and sellers have in real estate deals.

Mistakes, missed cues and red flags that come up that complicate and can derail Maine home sales. It is not just the process that can drag and cause disinterest. Or the buyers, sellers to think this is a sign I should not buy as slower than watching paint dry happens. Or theylearn of a pink slip layoff, a cancer growing inside, get served with divorce papers. loons in maine photo

Most buyers and sellers of Maine homes are not small business operators either.

Folks in business know not every sale happens.

They accept that and attack the problems not the people involved in the process. But sometimes the property is okay, peachy keen. No ripples or wrinkles to smooth out. 

The financing and legal end of the dog and pony in the home sale is fine too. But the people, the players and personalities can enter the room to weigh in. For the good, bad and the ugly stormy weather. Both sides can be unhappy and not so easy as pie to work together toward a common goal in choppy churning waters.

There are times when requests, offers, communication from the buyer hits the seller the wrong way.

It is taken personal even though presented as a simple yes, no, maybe. That is needed for a low key unemotional response without delay. The buyer or seller that “grades” people as good or bad has a hard time with the players. Not just the sticks and bricks they are buying.

We have had to do “Dr Phil” with buyers, sellers for thirty five years. Even referee other agents, bankers, lawyers or home inspectors, appraisers and insurance agents.

Who have days when over stressed or just not warm and fuzzy with the maine ducks photoothers in the same real estate boat ride to the property closing.

That is the biggest challenge, the people that can be easy and take guidance.

Other folks that are difficult and want to drive the process with just enough knowledge or experience to be dangerous.

Like a bull in a china closet in the hustle bustle as tempers flare. Anger builds and things go sideways. Then go belly up, simply flip upside down.

Keeping a lid on things to avoid boiling over.

But knowing buyer remorse in real estate happens. The same condition but on the other side of teeter totter. When seller’s remorse in real estate sales gallops in.

And the property owner on the Maine home takes his face in both hands. Moans “what am I doing, now that I have a Maine home real estate home buyer and just can not pass them the house keys afterall”.

Calls, says come get your real estate sign, we’re done and simply can not follow thru with the Maine home sale. Then unraveling, untying the knot that binds the deal that has blown apart is the new housekeeping chore.

That goes so contrary to doing whatever you can to keep the real estate home sale in Maine together and alive. To get it closed. And put on record at the local registry of deeds where the Maine home is located.

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