The Sale Happens Long Before The Real Estate Closing Takes Place.

Maine, Less People, Natural And Unfiltered.

A real estate closing in Maine, getting to one is an experience.

 Maine, Less People, Natural And Unfiltered.Because it involves people, their lives, the ups, downs, twists and turns. And every Maine real estate sale is different, unique, special.

And for me it is not just a job of taking images, shooting video, writing copy and arm wrestling with bank appraisers, the back and forth with attorneys.

It is sitting at the kitchen table of a Maine home for sale where the owners are sad to sell the place they grew up in.

But all the kids live far away and Mom and Dad are both gone now. No reason to hang on to the place. Working through the what do we do to get the place ready to sell process.

Setting up the expectations and helping arrive at realistic pricing from comparing this home in Maine to others that have sold like it.

To also consider how many pretty much like it homes are in property selling line waiting to for a clear to close. For a day and time for the Maine real estate closing sit down paperwork shuffle.

Sometimes there are squabbling siblings with the Maine house sale.

A few don’t think the place should be sold but often are not contributing to the expenses to keep taxes and property insurance current. The maintenance items like mowing lawns, doing repairs are not their responsibility.

So the other family members paying the way out of their own pocket because the estate has little if any money start to get a little  huffy. Up in arms. And figure what are we waiting for, let’s sell and have closure. Put it to rest. Sometimes it is grief from other family members and not accepting Gram and Gramp are gone which means each of the famly members left are getting a year older. Heading to the same ending eventually.

 What else can cause fun and games in the trip from the Maine real estate listing to the closing conference room table?

Low appraisal Maine home sale figures on the place coming in below the number on the purchase and sale agreement. And the house sale fails because no way to close the gap. Cover the deficiency. Or there is a long list of fix this, replace that items on the Maine home appraiser’s notes. And again, buyer says not my problem because don’t have any money. Tapped out. And the Maine house seller, owner has to repair and update the place they reason. Seller says no, that’s between you and the bank. We signed up to sell the place, property “as is”.What you see is all you get.

The sale of a Maine home contingent upon another sale of the buyer’s home can go badly too.Rough Going, Heavy Traffic Delays Getting To A Maine Real Estate Closing

Domino real estate sales that are built on the premise of other houses closing before buying are common. But those other sales in front of this one can trip up the home sale in Maine. Cause it to derail and unravel the home sale moving forward. The longer any Maine real estate listing sale takes to close, the more life situations happen to kill it as well. What else can mess up a real estate sale in Maine?

Losing a job, getting served with divorce paperwork, finding out you have an incurable disease or life threatening illness can throw a wrench in the real estate sale cogs.

Or the old dog with a bone and sees another that looks bigger in the reflection can happen. Found a home they liked, but another Maine house comes up that is prettier, bigger and better and for less money happens.

Changing partners during the dance means hard feelings. Change of plans for the seller like a record needle ripping across, stopping a sweet soud of music.

Then the shift to tussling over the Maine  home purchase and sale agreement agency trust account deposit put down. To remove the first home from the market so no one else could dance with it. Before the I don’t love you any more occurs. Lots of traffic delays, hard feelings and emotions can run high during the purchase or sale of the most expensive items most folks ever buy or sell.

When the buyer of a Maine home has cash and no other house, property to sell, the roadway is paved with easier going. Maine Is Less People, More Wildlife, Clean Living.

One less layer, filter because no bank and underwriters to make sure all the “T”‘s are crossed, “I”‘s dotted.

If the place is vacant, no air traffic control issues trying to work out when the seller moves so the buyer can land at the property, take possession.

Or a renter on board in a Maine property who decides he is not going to move afterall. He has rights and plans to drag out the eviction as long as possible.This is not his first dig in and take up to nine months moving me out the hard way rodeo of expensive fun and games.

Even when he gets the boot, the judge’s order to move out Scout, whoa up there some more happens. You the landlord have to go back to court to show the renter is in contempt of court, no moving. Another legal step is taken to enforce the eviction that is stalled because someone does not want to leave just yet.

Using like a death row inmate, every means possible to avoid the given. That he will be moving after the legal process ends and every means to stay has been exhausted.

Vacant homes, in good shape, with cash buyers happen easier if the marketing is not just local in a small rural Maine real estate market.

More fish out at sea than in the harbor thinking applies in real estate sales too. Increasing the wattage of the Maine real estate marketing signal to reach more out of state, the country buyers that are ready to purchase is where videos really shine.

So do helpful blog posts on this channel that you are scanning, absorbing, pondering.

Thank you very much for following our Mooers Realty blog posts. Written, hunt and pecked to hit topics of the FAQ type that come up a lot in our day to day over the last 33 years of list, market, sell (repeat).

Maine, easy, natural, unfiltered, offering simpler living options.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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