The Second, Third And More Maine Real Estate Broker…(Deep Breath)

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The call for a listing of Maine real estate property comes in.

Anxious seller wants to know if you can be there in ten minutes. List the place right now. Major hurry, short and curt, and here we go. You the real estate professional come into the picture number two, three or more in line as the listing agent or broker. maine gazebo photo

The REALTOR tapped to drive the dog and pony.

To get the property listed, the marketing machine cranked up and humming nicely.

To produce prospects to lead to showings that have to happen before a closing can happen.

During the listing, a run down of how no good, worth nothing the last agent or several listing brokers were on the property.

The venom making the property owner feel better and blaming the guy or gal with the color scheme on the front lawn last for the delayed real estate sale.

Sometimes the property owners asks questions about what do you think about brand X and meaning here is your chance to reach down. Cast a few stones into the fray.

Nope. I love what I do and put the energies into positive directions. To work hard to get the job done and a SOLD sign parked out front that leads to other listings, sales because results happen.

Once it is determined the pricing is out of what for what is being offered on the market, I tell the property owner. If they get upset with the real value to expect and start hollering “I’m not going to give it away”, we are done. lake dusk maine photo

Politely I tell them I can not help them and wished I could.

But the price they want is out of whack with what the market sales show to expect.

The real estate agent, broker, REALTOR sets the expectations. Is suppose to know what this unique sticks and bricks are worth. Today, at this moment in the property listing arena of what’s for sale.

How many DOM it is taking to make a real estate sale happen.

The remarks the property owner looking for a new hired gun to market and sell the place are telling too. If their feelings were hurt when the last agent said “hope you are in no hurry to sell”. baxter park maine photo

The translation is the property is over priced.

Which begs the question “then why did the agent take the listing?”

The real estate professional sets the expectations of how this movie starts, finishes. No closing possible with the pricing the seller wants means walk.

Thank them, wish them luck but don’t waste any more time leading them on or teasing with hope of a real estate sale that is not in the cards and stars.pie time maine photo

When there is none.

When the pricing expectations don’t match the market values.

Are not even close.

To comparing to others just like it in the market place.

Wiggle room, what to do to make the property worth more you ask?  Those are factors too beyond pricing. But the property price, the marketing hitched to it to rocket high or flop is key. Considered right up front around the kitchen table. 

If the property listing seller says you have to take the listing, like the other agents did.Mooers Realty Search graphic photo

No, no I don’t and it is better for everyone if I do not. Because it is not going to sell for these reasons… spelled out with logic, a little real estate candor and total property sale honesty.

When you take a overpriced real estate listing that the owner is not going to budge or can not move to where it needs to be.

Time, advertising expenses, phone calls and travel time. Are all spent for nothing because in the final analysis, the property listing is parked, stalled online.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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