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What to do in Houlton Maine, photos and video activities for ideas when you are in Southern Aroostook County.

This blog post is for suggestions on things to do for fun in Houlton Maine. For starters. so so many people dream about going to Maine. Or returning here to visit Maine again once they vacation in Maine.

houlton maine things to do
Houlton Maine Things To Do. Lots Of Four Season Outdoor Suggestions!

As a local native living in Vacationland, happy to share what my family and I do for fun and entertainment living in Houlton Maine.

When you live in Maine, the time and expense to get here and return to wherever you are from is gone. Yes, I am spoiled living in Maine. Everything is right in our backyard as a Maine resident.

So what to do for fun in Houlton Maine always means outdoor expanse, Mother Nature, the wildlife.

Plenty of clean air, recreation trails to tap into for the fresh waterfront that is everywhere in Maine.

The local River Front Trail system is one quick and easy walk for any age trail hiker.

moose cat maine
Folks, Heck Even ME Wildlife Gets Along Better.

The local Rotary Club of Houlton Maine just funded an expansion of the river front trail now under construction on the east side of the Meduxnekeag River.

Local resident Gary Hagan and so many others have contribute lots of creative time, sweat and tears working on this latest river front trail expansion.

local community videos
Showcasing Local Community Flavor Using Maine YouTube Videos!

Hoof the trail without fear of snow sleds, ATV four wheelers running you down.

There are plenty of trails for snowmobiles and four wheeling if that’s your pleasure while visiting the Houlton Maine area.

Lots of Houlton Northern Maine events built around the massive recreation trail system that connects Aroostook County things to do for fun in Vacationland!

Learn about the local Southern Aroostook County area on your walk with outdoor kiosk stations telling the story of Houlton Maine.

The River Front Park trail head end of the river front trail has picnic tables, a public bathroom and lots of parking.

This Maine park is the finish line for our traditional Meduxnekeag River canoe race too. No matter what the time of year, enjoy this local Meduxnekeag river walk taking in brilliant fall foliage colors, on cross country skis and snow shoes walks under cobalt blue skies and surrounded by winter white.

Locals in the Houlton Maine area use this River Front Trail daily and it is a good way to meet folks from the area during your exercise routine. Things to do for fun in Houlton Northern Maine.

Watch a video of the Houlton Maine canoe and kayak race that finishes up at River Front Park.

What else is there to do in Houlton Maine?

Area lakes with public boat launches and swimming area are one big attraction in the Houlton area. You could access newly renovated boat landing at Drews Lake. This is Drews Lake also known as Meduxnekeag Lake flows down past the Houlton Maine River Front Park and walking trail system below.

drews lake boat landing
Float Your Boat, Wet Your Fishing Line. Cool Off And Take A Dip In Drews Lake Near Houlton Maine.

Drews Lake, Nickerson Lake with Houlton Community Golf Course are two very handy waterfront options to add to your things to do list while in Aroostook County’s oldest town.

houlton community golf course
Chase The Little White Ball. Houlton Community Golf Course Is In Near Houlton Maine On The Shores Of Nickerson Lake.

The Lakeside Restaurant is also part of the Houlton Community Golf Course when hunger hits after all this fresh air, scenery and a round of golf. Outdoors in Maine, so so much to do all four

soap box derby houlton me
Northern Maine Soap Box Derby Race In Houlton Was Nation’s Largest!

seasons in the Houlton Maine area. In June, Houlton Maine is the location for soap box derby racing.

Thrill of the hill, learning about mechanics, aerodynamics, good sportsmanship racing on our own specially engineered derby hill at Houlton Community Park.

The local Northern Maine Soap Box Derby is the venue for statewide downhill gravity racing for kids 7-18 years of age. The NMSBD race was the nation’s largest for five years straight and if you are in Houlton Maine in June, come watch the soap box derby race. At one time, there were five race venues for local derby runs around the state of Maine.

We would love to have you no matter where you live in Maine to come to Houlton and be part of our historic race.

Since 1934, kids have raced in derby cars for a chance to make the big trip west to the All American national soap box derby race in Akron Ohio.

Here’s a taste in the meantime to show, tell you about the local Houlton Maine event.

Watch a video of the Northern Maine Soap Box Derby on Houlton Maine’s “Derby Hill”.

The soap box derby hill in Houlton’s Community Park is used during Moosestompers Weekend too.

Moosestompers is a yearly event held the first weekend of February to celebrate winter. If you think Northern Mainer’s shiver and spend the winter season parked inside on a couch, nothing could be further from the truth. Maine is four seasons living and everyone I know in the local Southern Aroostook County spends as much time as possible outdoors round.

Here’s an earlier video of Moosestompers Weekend in Houlton Maine, another event on the list of what’s to do in the Shiretown of Aroostook County.

Moosestompers Weekend is a free, family fun outing with everything from ice fishing derbies on local lakes.

Sliding on Derby hill, public ice staking in Millar Arena Civic Center, bonfires, public suppers and breakfasts at local sled clubs. Horse drawn sleigh rides, a ton of local kids games and all underwritten by local small town businesses in Houlton Maine. Small towns are home grown fun and everything is grassroots, not store bought and one of a kind. When you are a member of a local public event, that is your job for life. And you work on the next one the year round to make it even better. But this working together helps you grow closer as a community member.

What else to do for fun in Houlton Maine?

We’re just getting started. The state fair in Houlton Maine to celebrate agriculture, the 4th of July is hard to beat. If you are in Houlton Maine around the 4th of July, watch the parade, take in the events and visit the Houlton Maine Fair.

houlton maine fair
Houlton Maine State Fair Happens Around The 4th Of July Celebration In Houlton Maine! Check The Agricultural Exhibits, Demolition Derby, The Exhibits.

Parades over the 4th, Midnight Madness, amazing food, animal displays, the local state fair in Houlton Maine is fun for the entire family.

Watch a video of a typical Houlton Maine 4th of July Fair Celebration.

You find yourself in Houlton Maine, wondering what’s there to do. Lots that won’t all fit in this single blog post. Learn more about Maine at another blog posting forum we hunt and peck at Me In Maine .

Trips over the border into Canada to ski or up to Mars Hill’s Big Rock to swish swish and carve down a snowy groom trail.

Two more videos for that experience of skiing for something to do in the Houlton Maine area.

It really depends when you are in Houlton Maine and what’s on tap for fun and what’s to do.

A trip up into the Allagash Wilderness Waterway to see the ghost trains. Down to Baxter State Park to be up close and personal with Mt Katahdin or a Maine moose munching reeds say at South Branch Pond. Remember, you are in Maine and these are day trips down and back. You don’t just experience them once a year or with a longer interval in between.

No no, you get the whole nine yard, living in Maine takes it to a ‘hole ‘nother level.

Again, I know I am spoiled and with COVID, so many others have arrived at the same conclusion. That there is no place quite like Maine. Maine is the way life should be. And no, you are not cut off. The world wide web is long and strong, wall to wall and Internet in the Houlton Maine area is another perk.

homesteading in maine
The Visit To Houlton Miane Could Lead To Homesteading, Moving Here In A Relocation To Vacationland. Farming On Any Scale Is Huge In Northern Maine.

Hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, visit local farmer’s and lumberman’s museums for agriculture and the forest traditions.

You will like what we don’t have too. It is low cost, you are not reaching deep in your wallet for more money to pay for parking. There is no bumper to bumper traffic, no crime, and everyone is friendlier, helpful. They are glad to live in Maine too and will share their small town hospitality with you if you just ask. Biking Northern Maine, heck there are dog sled races up in Aroostook County’s St John River Valley to experience.

farms in houlton me area
Agriculture Is Big In Houlton Maine, At The Crossroads Of Aroostook County. Country Living Away From Expensive Crowded Cities Is Refreshing, Safe, Low Cost.

Maine, come for a day, end up staying a life time.

Hope this what to do in Houlton Maine blog post seasoned with photos and videos is helpful to give you a taste of the local community flavor. Check out the Amish farm settlements surrounding

houlton maine market square
Farmer’sMarkets In Houlton ME’s Market Square.

Houlton Maine. Share the road and see yesteryear agriculture in practice again.

Visit our local Cary Library, tour the historic downtown around Market Square where local farmer’s markets happen.

Take in McGill’s Band each summer Thursday night in Monument Park. So much to share, stay tuned for more events for things to do in Houlton Maine.

Local banks, places to eat, where to stay, what’s for rent, and more in the buyer / sellers resource page on this blog to glean and use.

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